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Sustainable Finance: the new-age mantra!

Sustainability: the new-age mantra!


The buzzword in today’s times is Sustainability. Be it fashion or housing or even when it comes to your dietary intake, you can hear people everywhere talking about living a more sustainable life. 

But what does this word really mean?

To live sustainably means to live more mindfully and more resourcefully. The Capitalist Economy which is all about fast food, fast fashion & fast delivery threw us off balance. So much so that after a point we couldn’t understand the difference between consumption and over-consumption. So after this overhaul, The Slow Movement came to restore the sanctity of every grain, every morsel, every piece of clothing and every product in this fast-paced world.

This ideology stemmed to ensure we value everything we own and avoid depletion of resources in order to maintain the ecological balance. 

Sustainable Fashion traversed the space of Fashion by driving people to invest in sustainable fabrics and shopping consciously. Sustainable Housing started picking up to ensure that waste is minimized at every stage during the construction & operation of a building. Sustainable Food started to thrive as it facilitated the conservation of the environment.

At myPaisaa, we’re introducing the concept of sustainable finance. What do we mean by this? Simple. We’re enabling users to become self-reliant when it comes to their monies. With digital chits, you can transition from depending on banks and other sources for loans to depending on your own savings.

That’s right, build your own corpus and SAVE – BORROW – INVEST from your own pool of savings. It’s time for one of the oldest & most traditional forms of Indian financing to step into the spotlight. Again. 

A registered & 100% digital chit fund like myPaisaa, not only provides the ease of transactions digitally but the assurance that your savings will grow substantially every month, & that too without any risk. 

So take the sustainable route even when it comes to your finances by investing in myPaisaa. 


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