Our Story

They say, "Necessity is the mother of all inventions". The story of myPaisaa is no different. Like most Indians, we came through the grind, attained a good education in prestigious institutes in India & abroad. All of us reached good positions like AVP, DVP, CEO, Partner etc., in our corporate lives. Chit funds played a huge role in our lives as almost all major expenses were met by savings made by our parents in chit funds.

Over the last few years we have been actively brainstorming on how we can give back to society, we found that some of our friends, relatives, acquaintances were not able to achieve financial security due to their investments in mismanaged chit funds. Not having a banking history didn't help matters either. This situation triggered the idea for change, this is how myPaisaa was born - to help people become financially secure and to realise their dreams in a fair & transparent way.


Customers served

8.78 CR

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Interest on savings

What is myPaisaa?

We are India’s first 100% digital chit fund firm that’s licensed by the Government of India. The myPaisaa app allows you to invest and earn great returns as well as borrow affordably in just a few easy steps. We are a completely transparent chit firm and it reflects in the way we do our auctions and payouts

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Why myPaisaa?

Truly Digital

  • In-app 3-minute onboarding (eKYC & eSign)
  • In-app eAuctions


  • Licensed by the Government of India
  • Regulated by Registrar of Chit Funds
  • Completely transparent processes


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Real-time payouts
  • Multiple auctions every month


  • High rate of interest on savings in comparison to banks
  • Low rate of interest on borrowings in comparison to banks
  • Bonuses for timely subscriptions and renewals.

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Company Registration search

  • Type Finsave Technologies Private Limited

Certificate of Incorporation with PAN

  • PAN No: AAECF1772F
  • PAN No: AAFCI0485H

Certificate of Incorporation with TAN

  • TAN No: HYDF02967G

Certificate of Incorporation with CIN

  • CIN No: U72900TG2020PTC142599
  • CIN No: U65992TG2018PTC127896

Startup India Certificate

  • Certificate No: U72900TG2020PTC142599

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Our Team

Ravindranath Kamma CEO

Veera Praveen Reddy COO

Harish Chandra CTO

Aravind Chandrasekaran Head of Growth

Mounika Lingayagari Vice President