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Short-term financial goals for a more fulfilling life!

financial goals


They say money can’t buy happiness. But, we beg to differ. Maybe money can’t buy all kinds of happiness but it has the innate capacity to light up your life in so many ways. Do you remember the first time you drew your salary or the first time you gifted your parents with your own hard-earned money? Those are moments that will forever be etched on your minds, aren’t they? 

Financial independence and growth can be very encouraging and plays a vital role in boosting your self-esteem. Have sizable and achievable financial goals and achieve them. It not only boosts your self-confidence but triggers happy hormones too. Thus, leading to a more fulfilling life. 

 In tandem with your income, your expenses and your capacity to save, draw yourself a personalized financial roadmap and get ready to achieve all those financial milestones that you’ve dreamt of!

  1. Buying a bike: Buying a bike in today’s world is more of a necessity as a means of traveling but there is nothing like the joy of buying your own bike especially when you’re in college. But if you’re worried about how you’ll afford it though you’re not employed, fret not. The myPaisaa 1-lakh Bada Save chit plan is there for your rescue. 
  1. International Travel: The thrill of setting out and stepping out of the country is unparalleled. But the amount of preparation that goes behind it can make it happen can be stressful but knowing that you’re financially secure enough to handle it can relieve you of the stress. Yes, invest in the myPaisaa 3-lakh Zyada Save Chit Plan and be assured that your airfare, VISA fee and at least some of the expenses of the trip can be taken care of when you win the bid. 
  1. Learning Fund: In today’s times, if there’s one thing that is prevalent, it’s the Hustle Culture. Millennials not only work hard to keep their job secure but on upgrading their skillset as well to ensure they can have multiple sources of income. Be it working part time elsewhere, freelancing, taking up weekend gigs or more. Hence, to constantly stay inspired and to nurture your talent/interest, it’s best to start saving month on month in a registered chit fund like myPaisaa.
  1. Move-out-of-home Fund: Living an independent life in the big city is not just a teenage dream but a reality in your late 20’s. As daunting as it may seem, it is exhilarating to know that you are capable of supporting yourself financially. To transition easily into this phase, you can start saving by investing in any of our chit plans based on how much you can save every month. All you have to do is contribute to your chit fund and voila, you can acquire 10% interest on your savings, annually. 

These are just some of the many inexplicable joys of life that money can buy. We’re certain there are many more. So tell us in the comment section below about a short-term financial goal of yours that you fulfilled, we’d love to know! 


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