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#Ralia got us thinking about weddings!


Be it a close intimate wedding like the talk-of-the-town couple Ranbir and Alia had or an extravagant one like Priyanka & Nick, weddings are not only an auspicious occasion but a lavish affair as well, mostly in India.

This got us thinking about what a huge market the Indian Wedding Industry is. So, here are some facts about the Indian Wedding Market that will blow you away!

  1. The Wedding Industry in India is growing 25% to 30% annually. 
  2. A staggering 1 crore weddings take place in India every year. 
  3. The most expensive wedding in India was between Isha Ambani & Anand Piramal which approximately cost 700 cr.  
  4. The Indian Wedding Industry is worth Rs 100,000 crore 
  5. As Indian Weddings are a costly affair, an avg Indian is known to spend 1/5th of his/her life savings on weddings. 
  6. 80% of Indians take loans to meet wedding expenses. 

Now, if there’s a soon-to-be wedding in the house or in your own life, here are the types of expenses you sure should be ready for. So here’s the wedding expense checklist. 

1. Venue & Decoration

Earlier, weddings were mostly held in wedding halls but now the possibilities seem endless. Right from picturesque beaches to ancient temples, destination weddings seem to be the ongoing trend. To top it off, decoration which includes flowers to figurines and everything in between are an added expense. So ensure that you book in advance and finalize the decor format. 

2. Jewelry & Wedding Trousseau

Be it designer wedding couture or a tailor-made design of your own choice, with the infusion of ideas thanks to the gram, couples these days match their wedding outfits and ensure it’s in line with the theme of the wedding.

3. Catering & Return Gifts

Weddings are also about the guests and ensuring that your near and dear ones enjoy the ceremonies as much as you. Right from pampering them with gifts to ensuring that their stay/accommodation is taken care of, hospitality is never compromised on especially when it comes to Indian weddings. It is also important to indulge them in the best of flavours as a sumptuous wedding meal is what they’ll mostly remember.

4. Photography & Videography

A picture says a million words they say. It spells a million memories too of your big day when you photograph it. So make every moment count by capturing it in the most indelible way. Invest in Production. 

Wedding expenses can sure sound overwhelming. But fret not, our range of chit plans are here for the rescue. Be it as little as Rs 50,000 or as much as Rs 3,00,000, we have plans of different chit values. So get ready to make your once-in-a-lifetime moment count as we’re here to support you, through it all.


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