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This Diwali, why try your luck when you can invest in your buck?

invest in chits

Chit Funds

Yes, don’t squander away your precious money over games of teen patti when you can invest in any one of the chit plans at myPaisaa. Yes, myPaisaa chit plans are not regular chit plans for they are absolutely unique. For starters, all myPaisaa chit funds conduct a minimum of 4 auctions every month while most other chit fund committees or companies conduct only once a month. They are also completely digitized, which means that you can save ample amounts of time and effort as you can monitor, participate, pay, & invest at the tap of your finger, wherever you may be. 

There are several other reasons too for them being as revered as they are. Let’s find out! 

1. They launch your savings in the chit fund space

Like a rocket firecracker that is launched to set the sky ablaze with colours, investing in a myPaisaa chit fund will surely launch your savings in the chit fund space with the colour of promise and new hope. Yes, we’ve seen hundreds of our customers benefit from our chit plans as they are the perfect fit to amplify and help you truly reap the benefits of your hard-earned savings. 

2. They help you borrow a bomb

After having conducted thorough market research and extensive analysis of our customers, we can assuredly say that most people start their chit fund journey with us to fulfill their immediate borrowing needs. That is so because even established institutions like banks cannot fulfill their needs even with offerings like loans, FDs or RDs. Either the interest is too high, the process of application too stringent, or the time required for the application & approval, too long. Hence, we at myPaisaa are bridging the gap that is left by the traditional banking sector. No wonder we help you borrow a bomb!

3. They’ll ensure your dividends come into bloom

One of the greatest joys of investing in a chit fund is how you are rewarded for it month on month till the end of the chit period. Yes, when you invest in a chit fund, you receive a dividend after every auction. You receive it as diligently as you receive your salary. Yes, even when you win the bid in a particular month, you will still receive the dividend for the same. Isn’t that amazing?

4. They will add sparkle to your savings with great returns

A myPaisaa chit fund is sure to sparkle all the joy possible as you are sure to earn 10% interest for investing. While most FD’s & RD’s promise you returns not more than 5%, we exactly offer the double. All this, without the hassle of extensive paperwork and the sheer flexibility of saving & funding at your will. Could you ask for more? 

5. They will ensure your finances are on a roll

Oh yes! Whether you are essentially looking to invest or receive funding from, your finances are sure to be on a roll as you’ll be paying minimum interest for funding from it or gaining maximum interest for investing in it. So either way, you are bound to be profitable from all angles. 

6. They will light up your chit fund journey

Whether you are a novice or experienced in the land of chit funds, myPaisaa chit funds are sure to ease your chit fund journey with our 100% digital App. Yes, by giving you joy with great returns and peace of mind with funding when you need it.  

With helping you save immensely and providing financial backing when you need it, we are sure to light up your financial journey, as bright as Diwali! 


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