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How to Make Money-talk Easy



Money with regard to personal finances is considered to be a sensitive topic in India. If you’re wondering why, it’s mostly because money is directly associated with a person’s status in our society. People tend to refrain from talking about it openly. 

But as difficult as it may be, it is indeed extremely important to discuss money matters with the closest members of your family or friends:

  1. Confide in your loved ones about your financial decisions, no matter how hard it may seem. A conversation that might start with a sense of hesitation might actually end up being fruitful to you with their insightful suggestions. 

2. They say that it takes tiny drops from the ocean. In the same manner, take your time and discuss your financial matters one by one, when you’re ready. Soon, you will feel a sense of gratification and liberation about being able to express your opinions.

3. Now, when it comes to your professional finances, money might seem like that elephant in the room or that awkward topic to discuss. But leave those apprehensions behind. Have an open and frank conversation with your hiring manager – and always remember, never keep money on the table, rather give the other person the opportunity to say no.

4. Things can be tricky while negotiating with a client, but don’t react impulsively. Be calm, and polite & ensure that when you discuss commercials, the deal you strike must be in tandem with the effort you will put in. After all, money talk is one of the foundations a great business is built on. 

5. Take suggestions and guidance from the right people. Be honest with your CA and discuss with the intent of planning your finances better. A good CA will always be equipped with the best solutions to offer. 

Let go of self-doubt, or any doubts in general when it comes to finances. Having a sound financial foundation to lay on is important. So, go ahead and communicate with the right people in order to have them in place. 


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