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This Dussehra, let’s look at 10 ways that myPaisaa makes you happy!

myPaisaa benefits

Chit Funds

India’s favourite Digital Chit Fund App has more ways than one to stand out from the chit fund crowd. Hence, this Dussehra, as you immerse yourself in the festivities all through the 10 days, we are here to add to the excitement with 10 feel-good facts about myPaisaa! 

2% Commission Only

Our disruptive pricing of charging 2% commission only for select chit funds is undoubtedly our crowning glory. Yes, while most chit funds charge between 5 -7% to generate funds for their operations, we save a lot of time & effort by digitizing the whole chit fund process. Thus, the staggeringly low offering of paying only 2% Commission!

Registered by the Indian Govt

This is one notable aspect of myPaisaa that instantly instills faith in our brand. For those of you who are skeptical about investing in chit funds, please note that a regulated chit fund like myPaisaa is absolutely safe to invest in as we are registered with The Registrar of Firms Societies Firms & Chits.

24/7 Customer Support

Every myPaisaa customer will receive ample support & guidance from our stellar customer service team. We are fully equipped to handle your concerns & queries. Right from the onboarding process till the completion of the chit, we are here at your beck & call. 

10 auctions per month

This is probably one of the features that we are truly loved for – our multiple chit auctions! Yes, while most chit funds allow declaring only one winner a month, we revel in gratifying our customers as much as possible.  We do this by smartly crafting chit plans in a way that enables us to declare multiple winners every month; as we understood that most of our customers rely on us for their borrowing needs. 

2-min onboarding

Bid goodbye to waiting periods, long queues, & umpteen paperwork. Yes, our App which has an avg 4.5 rating, is available on iOS & Android. All you have to do is download our App and verify your Aadhar number & PAN number digitally, click a selfie to authenticate yourself & voila, you’re in!

Digital Authentication

After onboarding, you are asked to digitally authenticate only 2 documents; one is your 6-month bank statement & the other being your 3-month salary slips. In case you are a business owner, along with your 6-month bank statement, you are asked to digitally share ITR & Business License/GST/Rental Agreement.

4 chit plans to choose from

After developing a thorough understanding of our customer base, we have crafted 4 chit plans. They are Chota Save, Bada Save, Zyada Save & 10X10 Chit Plan respectively. This is done to ensure that we cater to all customers even with varied preferences when it comes to chit value, time period, & auction number etc.

24-hr payout

We ensure the winner of the auction is paid within 24hrs. As we rely on digital transactions as a brand, we believe in paying almost immediately as we understand that time is of the essence and you should be able to heed to your commitments as soon as possible. 

Compliant as per Chit Act

Yes, we are a legal, verified, registered, and regulated chit fund. Our functioning is in alliance with the Chit Fund Act of 1982. Hence, leave all your concerns aside & invest in myPaisaa to watch your savings grow substantially & sustainably. 

In-app LIVE Auctions

Gone are the days where you have to be physically present for an auction, rearrange your schedule, and wait. When you sign up on a 100% digital Chit Fund App like myPaisaa, you are signing up for all-thing-digital. Essentially, which includes in-app e-autions which you can take part in at the comfort of your home. Now, isn’t that amazing? 

Well, there are a lot more fascinating facts about myPaisaa. Why don’t you join and experience it for yourself? Get, set, download the myPaisaa app from the app store or playstore.


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