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The myPaisaa Community – Business Owners


Being an entrepreneurial pursuit ourselves, we at myPaisaa thoroughly support new business owners and visionaries. Yes, with the startup culture booming now more than ever, we support a lot of fledgling business owners & entrepreneurs. 

Chit Plans for Business Owners

Small business owners and mostly rely on the Zyada Save, which is a 3-lakh chit plan that serves as seed capital to fund their idea. Considering how Bangalore is known to be the start-up hub and our thorough presence in the city, we are more than happy to indirectly fund great ideas.

In the initial phase of the business, it is quite difficult to get business loans. Even many Government startup schemes apply to companies that have completed a term of 3 years. Hence, in that precarious stage of business, it is extremely important to receive the right support & a foundation of utmost trust.

That’s where a registered & regulated chit fund like myPaisaa can come to the rescue.

The Benefit to Business Owners

The beauty of investing to a chit fund, especially if you’re a business owner lies in how it can be the financial backbone you need in every phase of running the company. It is quite clear how a chit can provide the initial funding required without the hassle of bank work or the bane of paying a high-interest rate. But the beauty of chit funds is it acts as a savings tool as well, giving your firm the much-needed financial support even after the business stabilizes.

Yes, once the business takes off, there is that delta between receiving money and dispensing money. More often than not, as a business owner, you must be prepared to face unforeseen circumstances. At that point in time you can rely on a myPaisaa chit fund. 

All you have to do is participate in the digital auction and win the bid. Once you do, the money will be deposited in your account within 24 hrs; for borrowing money from your future self, you pay a nominal or nil interest. Yes, while most banks charge a high rate of interest, if you borrow from a chit fund at a certain period of time, you don’t have to pay any interest at all; implying that you can borrow at 0% interest. 

Moreover, with the pandemic that we all are trying to cope with and recover from, it is evident that the future is an unknown spectacle. As entrepreneurs, it is important to be prepared for standing tall even in the face of obscurity to retain the integrity of the company & the employees. If you invest in a myPaisaa chit plan, you are building yourself and your company, a refuge like none other.

Hence, in this manner, at every step of your start-up journey, you can find solace by investing in a myPaisaa chit plan, based on the size of your business & your financial structure.

So get ready to choose from a wide range of chit plans and start your sustainable funding journey with myPaisaa.


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