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5 smart ways to invest Rs 1000 every month

invest Rs 1000


What’s the difference between saving and investing? Saving is setting aside a certain amount. Whereas, investing is setting aside a certain amount with a defined goal, a purpose. We all can save with the right intent. But investing money not only defines our monetary goals but also defines who we are. Hence, it’s always important to consider various factors when it comes to investing. 

In today’s capitalistic world, it is extremely easy to spend. But the question is how you consider spending it. While it sure seems like a tempting option, we at myPaisaa also believe in spending but after saving a substantial amount every month. 

When you start to save, you become more aware of your expenses, your spending patterns, your capacity to save and you begin to honour your own commitment. It sure has a positive implication on your character as you start to value every rupee you earn. So here are some ways you can spend as little as Rs 1,000 in so many ways:

1. Learning

Learning something is always a feel-good factor. It leaves you humbled with a certain sense of appreciation and wonder for the subject you delve deep in. It also makes you feel good about learning and accomplishing courses and tests. So think about the subjects that interest you deeply and invest in an online course, it sure will help you improve your knowledge base. 

2. Self-care

Make yourself your first priority. Self-care and me-time are more than just trending hashtags. These are words that can trigger positivity and improve your sense of being. Be it pampering yourself with a spa session or a therapy session, get in touch with yourself and find out what you need and indulge yourself. 

3. Retail Therapy

There is nothing like some good old retail therapy. Is it that dress that has been gracing your shopping cart forever or that bookmarked post on Instagram about a new restaurant in your city. Well, it’s time to take yourself out and treat yourself to the joys of being an urban dweller. 

4. Life Experiences

These say life is not about the number of breaths you take but rather about the number of moments that take your breath away. Is it attending a gig of your favourite band or spending time in nature’s arms trekking or coracling? Pick the activities that matter the most to you and indulge in moments that make you feel alive. 

5. Fitness

Make your health your top-most priority. Taking 1 fitness class might not change your life but it sure will give you an insight about your preferences when it comes to fitness activities. Be it a Yoga class or a boxing class, experiment with various formats and find your fitness calling. 

You can spend Rs 1,000 or you can get ready to save! In fact you can start your savings journey with a registered chit like myPaisaa. Yes, you can invest as little as Rs 1,000 month on month in our 25K chit plan where you can save, and earn an interest of 10% annually or you can win the bid and receive the entire chit value in one shot. 

So begin your flexible savings journey with us at myPaisaa, we’re all geared up!


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