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4 Types of Salaried Folks. Are you No.3?

types of salaried folk


We all have different shades of us and our character. But did you know that there is a financial personality too that we embody? 

Well, based on our financial literacy, our mental makeup, and our spending patterns, we all possess a relationship with money as well. It is often shaped by our individual life experiences, our belief system, and our emotional understanding. 

Well here, we’ve rounded up the various types of salaried folks we often encounter! You could identify yourself with the characters below, or there’s a good chance you might know someone similar. Sometimes, it’s fun to typecast, isn’t it?

Without further ado, here they are:

The Saving Saint

You view money as the epitome of security. Right from your childhood, you’ve always been taught the value of every rupee and the importance of saving. You value the privilege to earn. You deter from spending mindlessly. You are the type of person who likes to bargain and shop at discounted prices. You imbibed living sustainably even before it became a supposed ‘trend’. Your fear of irrational spending keeps you grounded.

When it comes to savings, you like to invest in a registered and regulated chit fund like myPaisaa where you can borrow at 0% interest or invest and accrue 10% interest annually.

The Credit Clearer

Inherently, you are someone who loves to splurge but now you’re constrained when it comes to spending mindlessly. You are a saver in the making as you are focused on clearing your preceding debts. You are a classic example of “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”.

You are not an escapist, you have the integrity to ensure you clear every borrowed penny so that you can live peacefully. Bidding and winning an auction at a myPaisaa chit fund not only gives you the leverage to clear your debts but you receive monthly dividends for saving. Now, isn’t that rewarding?

The Super Splurger

You probably love the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic” because you can relate to that character. Spending money gives you a high you can’t ignore. It is hard for you to resist when you get that “Salary credited” message at the beginning of every month. Well, you abide by retail therapy and feel strongly about immediate gratification.

We understand the thrill that spending begets. Well, harness it. Set aside a small portion of your income for contributing to your chit fund and watch your savings grow substantially while you don’t disappoint the splurger in you. 

The Ingenius Investor

You are essentially a saver who is mindful of his/her savings. You always look for opportunities that help you double and triple what you have. When it comes to managing your personal finances, you envision benefitting from them, not just feeling safeguarded by them.

To rejoice in the potential of your investment, you believe in having a diversified portfolio of investments where investing in a 100% digital chit fund like myPaisaa happens to be one of them.

Well, you’ve read every kind of Salaried Folk there is. Who did you relate to the most and why?

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