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22 reasons to love myPaisaa!


In the spirit of ringing in 2022, here are 22 reasons you are bound to love myPaisaa for:

  1. myPaisaa’s sheer intent and determination towards restoring the charm of chit funds
  2. We are fully compliant as per the Chit Fund Act. 
  3. myPaisaa is India’s first 100% digital chit fund app. 
  4. With UPI payments, eKYC & eSign, myPaisaa is leveraging India’s digital infrastructure & ensuring there is minimal dependency on manual operational processes.
  5. The myPaisaa App is user-friendly, credible & has a strong 4.7 rating both on iOS & Playstore.
  6. We are a strong & roaring community of over 25,000 users.
  7. We have crossed an estimated auction turnover of 25 crores. 
  8. We at myPaisaa have crafted mPower which is our Employee Benefit Program that empowers our employees by partnering with various other companies. 
  9. myPaisaa is backed by Bharat Inclusive Initiative & the Indian Govt D.I.P.P (Dept. for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade)
  10. We are registered & regulated by the Telangana Registrar of Chits, hence making us a legal entity. 
  11. We have chit plans for everyone; our 3 standard chit plans called Chota Save, Bada Save & Zyada Save amount to Rs 50K, 1L & 3L respectively. 
  12. We’re one of the first and foremost chit-fund companies to launch a plan that holds 10 auctions every month! Yes, the latest addition to the trio is our 10X10 Chit Plan which is a quick 10-month chit plan of Rs 50,000. 
  13. We’re also the first Chit Fund Company to onboard RazorPay as our Payment Gateway partner.
  14. Another favorite feature of the app is that users can define a list of goals they wish to accomplish & pursue the chit accordingly. 
  15. We’ve recently activated myPaisaa rewards! Yes, our users are now eligible for instant cashbacks of upto Rs 2000 for making simple transactions like timely payments, onboarding completion, referrals and more!
  16. You can onboard the myPaisaa App in just 2 mins. All you have to do is verify your Aadhar Number, PAN number, and click a selfie to attest your identity & voila, you’re in!
  17. We believe that winners should not wait. Hence, we resort to 24-hr payouts. This means that after you win an auction, the money will be deposited in your account within 24hrs. 
  18. The best part about myPaisaa is the transparency we adhere to. It is mandatory for us to list our chit plans in advance on the t-chits government portal as we’re regulated by the Telangana registrar of chits. Right from the chit group, value, status, & more, you can verify all the details.
  19. Back in the day, chit fund auctions were laborious to conduct. But with our in-app LIVE auctions, you can participate from the comfort of your home. 
  20. Our customer-care team is one of our hallmarks. They go the extra mile to ensure every myPaisaa user is content with their chit fund experience with us.
  21. We are also the only chit fund company to conduct 4 – 10 auctions every month which is quite frankly unheard of, as most chit fund companies conduct only 1 auction every month. 
  22. The myPaisaa Leadership Team is strong, reliable, and is here to scale myPaisaa/ digital chit funds. Know all about them here

Do you have more reasons in mind? Do share your thoughts with us, we’d love to hear from our myPaisaa patrons!


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