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We at myPaisaa are here to not only revive traditional chit funds but also provide easy monetary access to all the sections of society. With limited paperwork and unlimited freedom to choose and invest in a myPaisaa chit plan, you can get ready to save with the most promising online chit fund company in India.

Yes, we have made that possible with utmost digital intervention and technological excellence. Being an online chit fund, we have completely eliminated the problems that traditional chit funds face like operational costs, manual labour, time-consuming formalities, and business overheads. We have entirely automated the whole process to ensure we give this age-old form of savings a presence in today’s digital era.
Hence, the money we’re able to save by digitizing the process reflects in the low commission charge. By gaining people’s trust and confidence in this manner, we’re able to secure our position of being India’s first 100% Digital Fund Firm.

We are the new and improved online chit fund redefining what it means to invest in a fluctuation-free market; As myPaisaa honours, every commitment made to its customers by providing prompt and pro-active customer service.

Here’s how we’re bringing down the commission!

As mentioned above, we are the only online chit fund to charge an all-time low commission by digitizing the whole process. So let’s dive in to understand how exactly we’re able to digitally implement the chit fund process through myPaisaa


Digital App

The myPaisaa App already has a strong customer base of over 20,000 people! Our new and improved app is available both on Play Store and iOS. We constantly upgrade it to ensure you have a seamless online chit fund experience.

Digital Authentication

With India’s flourishing Digital Infrastructure UPI and eKYC, we’re able to authenticate our customer’s identities. As being the leading online chit fund, it is indeed our responsibility to ensure we smoothen the sign-up process. Recently, we even got e-Sign onboard to further enable virtual document completion.

Digital Auctions

Unlike earlier times, you can take part in an e-auction right at the comfort of your home. Especially during Covid times, this is preferable. You’ll be informed in advance about upcoming auctions. They are conducted regularly on the 10th, 15th, 20th & 25th of every month.

Digital Payouts

You can pay your installment every month, digitally through our online chit fund App itself. With Razor Pay as our payment gateway, you can be assured of reliable and quick transactions and updates on the same. With regard to dividends, we ensure it is transferred to your bank account within 48hrs after every auction.

Digital Monitoring

Monitor all the details regarding your online chit fund at any time of the day. Yes, go through your auction details, clarify past transactions, and keep a tab on your fund on our App. You can even get in touch with our ever-helpful customer service team, in case of any issues.
Get ready to invest in our online chit fund!

Yes, we at myPaisaa are here to ease the way into your path of financial investment/funding. With the right savings solution like ours, be rest assured that your online chit fund will grow organically and sustainably.

step 1

2-min sign up

Complete eKYC by providing your Aadhar Card & Pan Card details. You’ll even be asked to take a selfie to authenticate your identity.

step 2

Select a goal

Right from funding your bike, saving for the future, or even your wedding, there are various goals you can choose from to start your online chit fund journey.

step 3

Borrow up to 95% of your chit value

Yes, as we conduct 4 auctions every month. So stand a chance to withdraw 95% of your chit value from your online chit fund.

step 4

Earn up to 10% interest annually

If you are in this for the long run, then invest mindfully in a safe and credible platform like ours and gain interest effortlessly.

Brace yourself to invest in India’s fastest-growing online chit fund - myPaisaa! With over 25crores of auction turnover and an average rating of 4.5 on PlayStore, we are the most preferred online chit fund App to start your savings journey with!


There are 4 main advantages of investing in chit funds:

  • Chit fund is the only financial instrument that allows customers to save and borrow from their own funds.
  • Chit funds are one of the oldest forms of investments used by households to grow their money. Today, with FDs and RDs offering low-interest rates of 5-6%, chit funds have become a much more attractive investment that offers more returns, and more value for money.
  • Chit funds bring discipline to both the saving and borrowing activities of individuals. While the money you set aside for chit funds may be low, you'll definitely see steady growth and a clear path to achieving your financial goals.
  • Borrowing through a chit fund company in Bangalore is very easy and effective. As you're essentially borrowing from your own savings, the rate of interest is lower than market rates and can be as low as 0% depending on when you borrow from your plan. Hence, an Online chit fund App like myPaisaa is a reliable source of funds for emergencies.

Registered chit funds are regulated by the Government of India. A registered Chit Fund Company makes a security deposit of a sum equal to 100% of the chit value into a Scheduled Bank as FDR, which is pledged in favour of the Registrar of Chits. A Chit Fund cannot be started unless this deposit is made. Therefore, as a participant in a registered Chit Fund Company, you can rest assured that your investments are secure.
To see our Government approved documents, click here

Mutual funds and chit funds serve different purposes. Mutual funds are long-term investments directly linked to market performance. There's no guarantee of you getting your principal amount back or making profits. Chit funds, on the other hand, have zero market risk. They are a great tool for guaranteed short-term investments that enable you to save steadily for your goals and emergencies. Also, unlike mutual funds, you can both save and borrow with Chit funds.

Recurring deposits offer low-interest rates of 5-6% per annum. Also, if a customer withdraws from the RD before maturity they're charged a penalty. Moreover, RD returns are taxable too. However, customers who save in chit funds can expect much higher returns - up to 10% per annum. They can participate in online auctions and get their money in advance. There's the additional benefit of borrowing from your fund in case of emergencies. The best part about chit funds is that the returns are tax-free. Customers can enjoy the full value of their investments without any deductions.

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