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myPaisaa is one of Bangalore’s most loved chit funds with over 10,000 app downloads in just a span of 1 year! Yes, we’re here to give this home-grown form of savings an upliftment, by being India’s first 100% Digital Fund Firm. With myPaisaa, you can invest and earn great returns or borrow affordably in just a few steps!

Community-based and traditional Chit Firms are unregulated and struggle with like manual documentation, auction processes, business overheads and the pressure of maintaining physical branches etc.
But, by digitally reforming Chit Funds, we’ve become one of the most recognized Online Chit fund Companies in Bangalore. Thus, we’re here to empower you with the ease of seamless chit handling right at the comfort of your home!

This innovative savings solution is now here and revamped for you to make the best of! So get ready to invest in the most flexible form of savings as we at myPaisaa take pride in being one of the best Online Chit fund Companies in Bangalore.

The myPaisaa Process

Of all Digital Chit Fund Firms in Bangalore the myPaisaa process is the smoothest and the easiest

Download & Sign Up

The myPaisaa App is available on Android and iOS. With just a few clicks and our simple onboarding process, you can sign up on our App in less than 3 minutes. As digital and easy as our onboarding process is, we ensure customers are asked to upload all necessary documents like Aadhar Card number, Pancard number, and salary slips etc. By leveraging eKYC and eSign, we’re able completely automate the process of manual documentation.

Pick a Plan

This step is all about measured goals. Assess your financial goal and find a plan that complements it. myPaisaa offers 3 plans by the name Chota Chit Plan, Bada Chit Plan, and Zyada Chit Plan where the chit amounts are Rs 50,000, Rs 1,00,000, and Rs 3,00,000 respectively. As we’re one of the few Digital Chit Fund Firms in Bangalore, you have the ease of making payments via Google Pay, Phone Pay, Whatsapp and PayTM.

Participate in an e-auction

It is extremely easy to take part in an e-auction. All you have to do is enter your bid amount and then check if you’ve won the bid. If you have won, you’ll be paid within 24hrs. As we’re one of the best Online Chit fund Companies in Bangalore, we conduct 4 e-auctions every month to provide more opportunities for people to stand a chance to win.

Invest & Earn

If you’re looking at your myPaisaa chit as an investment in the long run, then it’s a wise decision you’ve made. While most FDs and RDs offer low-interest rates of 5% - 6%, by investing in Digital Chit Fund Firms in Bangalore, like myPaisaa you will earn an annual interest of around 10%. What’s more? You even save on the GST front as well, as chit fund returns are not taxable.

The myPaisaa Guarantee

Of all digital Chit fund firms in Bangalore, this is what makes myPaisaa the best


myPaisaa is one of the trusted Online Chit Fund Companies in Bangalore, as we’re recognized by the Government of India and regulated by the Registrar of Chit Funds.


Monitor your auction details, processing charges, chit, and due date with ease, on the myPaisaa App, at any time and anywhere.

24hr Payout

Winners are not meant to wait! Yes, we understand that once you win a bid, the thrill resides in the quick payment. Hence, we ensure it reaches you within 24hrs.

Take the right step by investing in myPaisaa, India’s fastest growing Digital Chit Fund App! With over 10,000 App installs, a 4.5 rating on playstore, 4.0 rating on iOS, we are ready to take over the chit fund market with our revolutionary App.

So what are you waiting for?

Invest in one of the best Online Chit fund Companies in Bangalore and watch your savings grow to new heights!


You need to submit KYC documents that include your PAN and Aadhaar card to join a chit plan. If you are a salaried person – 6 months Bank statement and 3 months pay slips. If you are a business owner 6 months Bank statement, ITR & any one of -Business license/GST/Rental Agreement.

If your residential address is different from the address on Aadhaar card, then we'll require address proof as well.

There are 4 main advantages are:

  • Chit fund is the only financial instrument that allows customers to save and borrow from their own funds.
  • Chit funds are one of the oldest forms of investments used by households to grow their money. Today, with FDs and RDs offering low interest rates of 5-6%, chit funds have become a much more attractive investment that offer more returns, and more value for money.
  • Investing in one of the Online Chit fund Companies in Bangalore like myPaisaa, brings discipline to both the saving and borrowing activities of individuals. While the money you set aside for chit funds maybe low, you'll definitely see steady growth and a clear path to achieving your financial goals.
  • Borrowing through chit funds is very easy and effective. As you're essentially borrowing from your own savings, the rate of interest is lower than market rates and can be as low as 0% depending on when you borrow from your plan. Chits are a reliable source of funds for emergencies.

You can make payments through cash, cheque, DD or through online payment modes from the myPaisaa app. Being the best Online Chit fund Companies in Bangalore, we prefer the online mode as it gives you complete control over your payment and receipt generation is also instant.

You can borrow up to 98% from your chit value. However, the actual borrowing amount depends on the auction and demand for money in that month.

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