India's first "truly" digital chit fund firm.

Invest smartly. Grow securely.

High return
on Investment.

Real time payouts
(prize and dividend).

Subscriptions starting as
low as INR 2000 per month.

What is myPaisaa?

We are India's first 100% digital chit fund firm that's licensed by the Government of India. The myPaisaa app allows you to invest and earn great returns as well as borrow affordably in just a few easy steps. We are a completely transparent chit firm and it reflects in the way we do our auctions and payouts.

Why myPaisaa?

Truly Digital

  • In-app 3-minute onboarding (eKYC & eSign)
  • In-app eAuctions


  • Licensed by the Government of India
  • Regulated by Registrar of Chit Funds
  • Completely transparent processes


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Real-time payouts
  • Multiple auctions every month


  • High rate of interest on savings in comparison to banks
  • Low rate of interest on borrowings in comparison to banks
  • Bonuses for timely subscriptions and renewals.


Customers served

8.78 CR

Annual booked business


Interest on savings