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Invest in a new-age version of an age-old financial tool that has bolstered many households across India. Yes, we are talking about Chit Funds, the most flexible way of saving & funding that any Indian can rely on! When it comes to chit funds, myPaisaa is definitely one of the Best Chit Funds in India to invest in.

With a range of unique chit plans, myPaisaa offers multiple auctions per month. This is definitely one of the reasons that make myPaisaa the Best Chit Fund Company in India.
Yes, most people invest in chit fund companies to fulfill their borrowing needs. This implies that multiple e-auctions create more opportunities for people to win the bid. Hence, at myPaisaa we craft chit plans that conduct 4 - 10 auctions in a month whereas most chit fund companies conduct only once a month. Thus, making us one of the Best Chit Funds in India to invest in.

We are also one of the Best Chit Funds in India, as we are 100% digital! Yes, we revel in digitizing the process of chit funds to the most minute detail possible. Slowly but surely, we're filling all the gaps left by the traditional banking sector with our fast & promising chit fund App!

Testimonials that make myPaisaa theBest Chit Fund Company in India

There are umpteen reasons that people believe in myPaisaa for! To be precise, there are over 20,000 people who believe in myPaisaa as we've crossed this number of downloads in just 2 years! With the undying patronage of thousands of people and their unrelenting faith in us, we are certain that we'll hit all the more installs soon! Thus, securing our position as one of the Best Chit Funds in India.

"The quality of Service by Miss. Kahkashan was marvelous. She made things go very smoothly and assisted me from time to time. myPaisaa is the easiest way to start investing in initial time so that the future can be taken care of properly. I appreciate the team for charging only 2% foreman commission which is actually what is required in the mo box-overdern era of chit funds. I liked the digital process of chit and I highly recommend it to everyone as they are one of the best chit funds in India."

Ramesh Kumar

"Friends, it's a great platform for monthly saving targets! I have 5 subscriptions with myPaisaa and they supported me financially during this pandemic. As the process is transparent, they processed the money within 24hrs! Ms. Varsha coordinated extremely well, I can rate this platform 100/100! "

James Liyo

"MyPaisaa is the most reliable chit I have come across where everything is just a touch away. Kahkashan assisted me during each and every step of the process. Investing with myPaisaa gives me an assurance that my money is safe and it's one of the best chit funds in India, especially in the current pandemic situation."

Naveen H.A

Being one of the best chit funds in India, the roaring love we receive endlessly from our customers reflects in our numbers as well. Yes, we’ve crossed an estimated auction turnover of 25 crores in a span of just 2 years!

Values we are valued for!

The badge of becoming the Best Chit Fund Company in India doesn’t come easy. We have worked hard to live up to each of the promises below. They define us and contribute to the ethos of our brand. These are the values we live by:


We are a Government-regulatedchit fund company that is Chit Fund Act compliant.


It reflects in our strong & able team & who work hard to harness the potential


Our customer service team is always there to heed your every concern.


Our tech team ensures that our 100% Digital App is up & running at all times, to help you monitor your chit successfully.


ou can refer myPaisaa to a friend & stand a chance to win 1 lac.

These are the reasons that make myPaisaa highly sought after. Invest organically & gain sustainably from myPaisaa - the best chit fund company in India. Install now!


myPaisaa is one of the best chit fund companies in India. It is a completely digital Chit Fund company that is licensed by the Government of India and regulated by the Registrar of Chits. We just charge you 2 % commission instead of 5% commission which is an industry-standard. The UI of our app is extremely user-friendly and easy to use and if you are facing any problem then our team is always there to support you! Still don’t trust us? Check out the amazing reviews our customers gave us on play store!

There are 4 main advantages are:

The chi fund is the only financial instrument that allows customers to save and borrow from their own funds.

Chit funds are one of the oldest forms of investments used by households to grow their money. Today, with FDs and RDs offering low-interest rates of 5-6%, chit funds have become a much more attractive investment that offers more returns, and more value for money.

Investing in one of the best Chit funds in India like myPaisaa brings discipline to both the saving and borrowing activities of individuals. While the money you set aside for chit funds may be low, you'll definitely see steady growth and a clear path to achieving your financial goals.

Borrowing through chit funds is very easy and effective. As you're essentially borrowing from your own savings, the rate of interest is lower than market rates and can be as low as 0% depending on when you borrow from your plan. Chits are a reliable source of funds for emergencies.

Joining one of the best chit funds in India - myPaisaa is very simple.

Step 1: Download the myPaisaa app & complete your KYC with Aadhar, Pan & Selfie.

Step 2: Choose a chit plan that suits your goal and make payment.

You can make payments through cash, cheque, DD, or through online payment modes from the myPaisaa app. Being the Best Chit Fund Company in India, we prefer the online mode as it gives you complete control over your payment, and receipt generation is also instant.

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