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Bada Save, a popular chit plan of myPaisaa is everyone’s goto 1 lakh chit scheme! Yes, India’s most trusted chit fund App, myPaisaa is here to fulfill all your savings & borrowing needs with a 100% Digital App.

Bringing innovation to India’s oldest form of savings, we are here to provide you with a new-age and revamped platform that is perfectly capable of handling all your chit fund needs right from onboarding to the end of the chit period. Perfect for the digitally savvy you, this platform is as flexible as chit funds itself.

With the ease of checking the details of your chit fund at any time you wish and the commitment that you will be guided by a customer service team that will help you out by addressing your queries, you can be well assured of that extra care and service.
By leveraging India’s digital structure of UPI, eSignature, & eKYC, we are able to operationally handle the functioning of several chits at the same time with absolute ease. Be it multiple 1 lakh chit schemes, or 50K chit schemes, we are equipped to handle it all digitally.

Of all our chit plans, our 1 lakh chit schemes are the most preferred chit plan for the lumpsum amount one can receive when they bid. Yes, all you have to do is save just Rs 4,000 every month to earn up to Rs 98,000 through an e-auction you win! What’s more? Every time there’s an auction, you even earn a dividend of Rs 1,120.

Get ready to invest in one of the best 1 lakh chit schemes with us!

Yes, allow yourself to borrow instantly with ease and earn high returns of up to 10%. Being a completely transparent chit firm, you can be guaranteed the same in the manner we conduct our chit funds & payouts. Apart from these, there are several more reasons for you to invest:


2-min Onboarding

All you have to do is just spare 2 mins to start investing in one of the most trustworthy 1 lakh chit schemes. Yes, after you install the App, you just need 2 mins to sign up as you only have to input the Aadhar Card number, PAN Card Number, & take a selfie.

Multiple Auctions

The best part about myPaisaa 1 lakh chit schemes is that we conduct about 4 e-auctions every month. Yes, as we understand that most of our customers essentially rely on us to fulfill their borrowing needs, we like to create more opportunities for people to win the bid.

Multiple Chit Groups

As myPaisaa 1 lakh chit schemes are popular, there are always several chit groups and vacant chits available for you to join! Before you join any 1 lakh chit group, you can verify all the details of the same, to be extra sure on the T-Chits platform.

Digital Handling

Whichever 1 lakh chit scheme you choose to invest in, you can monitor the chit right on your App at any given time! Yes, our App is equipped to handle all the processes that come with investing in the chit. Right from the onboarding process to closing the chit, it can be done entirely on the App.

Digital Auctions

Earlier, the bidding process was conducted physically. It was not only time-consuming but an arduous process as well. With digital auctions or e-auctions, you can participate in the e-auctions of not just the 1 lakh chit scheme but all the others as well, with utmost ease, right on the myPaisaa App.

myPaisaa is the safest chit fund App there is!


Licensed by the Govt of India


Recognized by the Dept. of Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade


Registered by the Telangana State Govt.


Regulated by the Telangana Registrar of Chits


Supported by the Bharat Inclusion Initiative


Joining myPaisaa is very simple.

Step 1: Download the myPaisaa app & complete your KYC with Aadhar, Pan & Selfie.

Step 2: Choose a chit plan that suits your goal and make payment.

Step 3: Submit your income proof documents under Menu 🡪 details 🡪 Documents in the app. And you are done.

Our team will validate and follow-up within 48-72 hrs once you submit your income proofs. Post which you shall receive communication via SMS, email and notifications.

myPaisaa customers can login to the myPaisaa app to see their chit information like dividend history, subscription amounts and the interest rate prediction.

Chit fund returns depend on the month you participate in and win an auction. A customer who stays for 25 months gets an annual interest of around 10%.

Traditional chit fund companies operate using traditional, complicated manual processes. Customers are required to visit chit fund offices in order to participate in auctions, leading to the loss of valuable time and energy. With digital chits, you can invest in any of our 1 lakh chit schemes and enjoy all the benefits of a traditional chit fund at your convenience. Digital technology has also automated the entire process making chit funds much more transparent, reliable and easy for the millennial customers of today.

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